GCC logistics companies need to embrace technology

Digital technology is transforming industries around the world, but most GCC companies in the vital transportation and logistics (T&L) industry are waiting and watching. This puts GCC firms at a disadvantage to global competitors. As a result, large international companies are adopting these technologies and increasing their share of the region’s T&L business.

The benefits of digital are substantial. Firms can slice costs by 10-30 per cent and reduce operational risks and breakdowns by 75 per cent. They can also create new revenue through innovative business models. To capture these gains, however, GCC companies must understand which technologies are the most appropriate and how these can help solve each firm’s unique challenges.

One regional start-up, Load-Me.com, has created a mobile marketplace connecting shippers, logistics professionals, and drivers, giving them real-time information about shipments that need transport, trucks, and other logistics services. By creating transparency and streamlining some of the burdensome processes required to book freight, Load-Me.com has simplified logistics, increased competition, and lowered freight costs. […]

Source: The National: GCC transport and logistics firms need to embrace technology