Responsible Road Users Award – safe road users win 1000AED cash prizes


Mobil 1 GoldStar road safety campaign rewards drivers adhering to traffic rules.

The road safety campaign began on Monday in Dubai, with 10 road users receiving each a Dh1,000 cash prize each for strictly following traffic rules.

Road users were observed and the ones found closely adhering to traffic rules were stopped by authorities. But instead of issuing fines, authorities rewarded the safest road users with the instant cash prize and a certificate.

The winning motorists will be chosen for various reasons, for example, the use of child safety seats in the vehicle, wearing seat belts, using hands-free mobile devices, indicators, lane discipline, and observing speed limits.
Prizes are also given for pedestrians (for example: use of designated pedestrian crossings) and cyclists ( for following road traffic safety practices to reduce risks)

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