Load-Me The First Transporters Market in the Middle East

Load-Me.com is the First Transporters Market in the Middle East. This is the place where demand for land transportation meets the offers following the model of a real Online Load Board.

Load-Me is set to help transport companies constantly find customers for their trucks so that they never run on empty. The platform uses an advanced matching system and a smartphone application that will help load owners easily connect with shipping companies or individual truckers and quickly arrange transportation for their cargo.

Load-Me has more than 6500 companies registered and using the platform at this moment.
There is an accumulated fleet of about 15000 trucks available for booking trough the platform.
Around 800 loads published monthly.
An estimated value of $4,5M worth of business for the transporters to grab

Besides the user oriented applications, Load-Me also has in development a special app and dashboard for Corporates, that will serve the existing partners like P&G or Unilever, but will also be suitable for all similar businesses.

Load-Me has also been included in the list of Forbes 50 Most Promising Startups in the Middle East and is a winner of several prizes and awards from the logistic field:

  • Winner of the 1st place of Smartpreneur competition by Dubai Chamber
  • Winner of Disruptive Entrepreneur Award from Ministry of Economy
  • Winner of the Best MENA Cristal Start-up
  • Winner of the 1st place of ChallengeME a MENA IoT competition by Intel
  • Awarded The Best New Business in 2015 on the Stars of Business
  • Awarded The Best Innovation in Sustainability from UAE Ministry of Development

Load-Me.com is really easy to use, it has an Instant Search feature that you can try right now for Free, even if you don’t have an account: Load-Me Search for Trucks or Loads. By creating an account you will have full access to a complex Dashboard that will allow you to post vehicles or loads, and send offers to the existing ads on the platform. Contact information sharing is done instantly for all verified users meaning that you can call or write immediately and close the deal with the load-owner or shipping company.

how load-me works


Load-Me.com is the first and only Load Board serving the entire Middle Eastern area. The company has logistics agents in UAE and Saudi Arabia, ready to help all companies and individual truckers to use Load-Me platform and the more complex mobile app to their full potential.

If you are a logistic agent, transport company or individual trucker, you must check out Load-Me.com. It will help you get lots of loads, as well as more revenue, contacts, and experience.
For load owners, posting an ad is free and you will benefit from finding fast a suitable vehicle for the selected destination.
Get the LoadMe mobile application directly from the Google Store: Get it on Google Play