Who wears their seat belts in UAE?

Wearing a seat belt is compulsory in the UAE, yet many prefer to risk their lives and huge fines than to buckle up. Consistently Dubai and Abu Dhabi police give out tens of thousands of fines to drivers who don’t obey the law. Fines go up to 400 AED and 4 black points on their license for those who don’t wear their seatbelts.

Consider that wearing a seat belt lessen fatalities in vehicle accidents somewhere in the vicinity of 45% and 60%, depending upon the kind of the auto you are driving and the sort of impact you are in.
The danger of death for back seat auto occupants who buckle up diminishes by 60%. Having passengers that buckle up in the backseats additionally, diminishes the danger of dying for the front seat passengers. I case of a crash the risk of death is increased five times for the front passengers in the people in the backseats refuse to wear seat belts.

Please consider the saving you’re an other’s life by using at all times your seat belt. All lives matter.

A breakdown by nationality of seat-belt usage in the UAE. – The National

Source: Who buckles up in the UAE? – graphic | The National