Remove old trucks from UAE roads

Road safety experts explain that old trucks, lorries that are older than 20 years should not be allowed to run on the streets of UAE, These are a clear danger to all motorists on the road, are even called “death traps” by road safety experts.

“We seem to have hundreds, perhaps thousands of worn-out and potentially dangerous heavy-goods vehicles in daily use. These are too old, usually overloaded or incorrectly loaded. ¬†They are driven for months, even years with absolutely no servicing or maintenance except when there is a failure. They typically have several tires with little or no tread and mixed tire sizes.”

–¬†Robert Hodges, a road safety specialist.

About 13,000 out of 22,000 heavy vehicles did not pass safety inspection last year.
Authorities are looking at every means available to curb poor driving and traffic fatalities.

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