Roloway software company creates Middle East’s first online Load-Board

One of the most complex Logistical tools that are at hand for every load owner and transporter in the middle east, is Load-Me Transporter’s Marketplace. We are talking about an online platform plus mobile application that was created as a logistics tool, to bring together in real time, shippers and transporters. These tools were created by Roloway Software Company.

Roloway is a Digital Agency with offices in Romania and Dubai, UAE. Roloway is known for its well-designed websites and going to a great length to provide innovative solutions to its customers.  Besides creating logistics tools and applications, Roloway is also known in the Dubai community as a reliable agency that creates Corporate websites, wonderfully designed and with great attention to user experience and Search Engine Optimization.

Need a corporate website, an online shop or a complex online application?  –  Contact Roloway’s Dubai Offices


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