SafeFleet – No 1 fleet monitoring solution

SafeFleet – No 1 GPS fleet monitoring solution now in GCC
SafeFleet is one of the most innovative companies in the field of M2M (machine-to-machine). Based in Romania and with several branches in Italy, Hungary, Poland and other Balkanic countries, SafeFleet is now expanding in the GCC area as well.

SafeFleet has been on the market for over 20 years, providing valuable products and services in fields as GPS monitoring, road toll collection, pay to park by mobile phone, automatic meter reading (AMR) and vehicle telematics.
This feature packed web-based application brings innovative tools for fleet monitoring and over 50 reports for important performance indicators.

SafeFleet Features and Services

Fleet monitoring

Fleet monitoring means more than seeing the location of the vehicles and the destination they are heading at. It is a solution to improve your fleet activity on the whole. If you wish to increase your productivity, you can achieve this by optimizing the route using updated maps and reminders in real time regarding the traffic on the road.  The SafeFleet system is an ideal solution to manage vehicles which are on the road for an extended period of time or which will transit difficult areas

Vehicle routing
The distance traveled by the vehicles of your flees from the starting point to the place of destination is an essential parameter used to optimize the routes used. What is your target: to reduce costs or to deliver to the customer on time? Regardless of your answer, SafeFleet helps you route the shortest and least expensive routes.

Driver behavior
Fuel consumption is strongly influenced by the behavior of the driver behind the wheel. A less aggressive driving style will determine lower fuel costs, but also decrease the threats to the safety of the driver, of the road users and of the vehicle. Thanks to the SafeFleet system used to monitor the drivers’ behavior you can see in real time and assess the behavior of each driver and the performances at the fleet level.

Fuel consumption
Monitoring instruments do not automatically improve the fuel consumption but provide important information based on which you can identify anomalies or possible problems and take measures to make the fuel consumption more efficient.SafeFleet allows an accurate measurement of the consumption and the integration with the SafeFleet Portal of a method dedicated to monitoring the fuel consumption.

Fleet and driver safety involves reducing the risks and encouraging safe driving. The initiatives aimed at increasing safety levels have become a priority for any fleet manager interested in reducing road incidents and, implicitly, the possible costs related to accidents. SafeFleet offers managers the possibility to view in real time the activity and behavior of the driver, but also to quickly react in cases of accident or theft of the vehicle.

Each vehicle has to observe the legal traffic and operating conditions. Deviations from the rules and the lack of an inventory of the fleet status may lead to increased expenses due to fines. The SafeFleet Portal helps you get a clear picture of the legal documentation or the deadlines and to be able to monitor the fleet in order to ensure that all legislation and internal rules are complied with.

A company which has its own fleet will have to handle with various needs, from improving the efficiency of each vehicle to managing and using apps intended to facilitate its work. A modern fleet management software should offer the possibility to integrate various functions or apps.
With SafeFleet Portal, you have the opportunity to integrate third party software systems, so that the implementation of the SafeFleet solution brings you maximum efficiency.

Advanced features
SafeFleet is a fleet management software created to offer you a full picture of the activities you perform. Through the advanced functions, SafeFleet offers you the possibility to handle in real time the equipment, the employees and the resources. We take into account the specificities of each industry or company, therefore SafeFleet provides various functions based on the use of sensors, but also additional options for improving the fleet management.

GCC countries represent a huge potential market for telematics services due to the increasing number of commercial vehicles. 
Having 14 years of experience in the field, we believe that we can offer solutions for any type of challenges the customers are facing in this region.